The Beauty of Color!
Colors are beautiful in an of themselves, and combining various colors enhances their individual beauty.
Humility and obedience are beautiful to the Father,
and when I asked Him to show me their beauty from His perspective, I saw this:
I found it quite intriguing that the colors for humility are greys, browns and black, neutral colors that go well with every other color and greatly enhance their beauty! Obedience is Jasper green - green is another earthy color, the color for life and a color that also goes well with other colors, bringing out their individual beauty! Could this be a picture for us to see how the combinations of humility and obedience with everything else enhances their individual and combined beauties .. as well as the beauty in their meanings?
Another intriguing find is that in the color spectrum/rainbow red (the blood of Christ) is seen first since it has the longest wavelength, and purple (royalty/wealth) is seen last since it has the shortest wavelength. Everything else is sandwiched in between.
The background for this page are colors for obedience and humility.. let's see how the other colors shine through.
❃ White
light, purity / pure, complete unity, cleansing of Holy Spirit, innocence, holiness, pure-hearted bride of Christ, priestly garments, mercy, surrender, salvation, joy, peace, righteousness, sanctification, triumph, victory, overcoming, childlike faith or trust, garment of praise, festive rejoicing, right standing, blessings of God
❃ Silver
Word of God, purity, atonement, freedom, freedom to create, breath of life strength, armor of God, redemption, divinity, righteousness, strengthened faith, wisdom / wisdom of Solomon
❃ Greys
cloud of His presence, protection, strength, humility, crowned with humility, fear of the Lord, repentance dove's eyes, living stones, armor of God, sword of truth rightly dividing
❃ Browns
humility, crowned in humility, contrite heart, repentance, harvest, man, earth, clay
warrior's heart - praise in the mouth and sword in the hand, unity, God's love, depth of God's love, poured out
glory of God, the Father's heavenly care, fiery passion, flaming throne of God, fiery presence of God, the temple of God, wisdom, the Spirit of Wisdom, glory of His presence
❃ Reds
spilled blood, beloved, love song, divine impartation, the blood, bought with a price, belonging to the Lord, joy of the Lord, deeply rooted, rich life coming forth from the dry places
broken, surrender, apple of His eye, precious, passion, contrite heart, poured out, His blood poured out, overwhelming love of God, being of immeasurable worth, worth the ultimate sacrifice, power in the Blood, all-sufficient sacrifice, Jesus / Yeshua, abiding love, belonging to the Lord, Christ and His deep love for us, break every chain, bloodline, depths of God's love, intense warfare, ultimate sacrifice, Spirit of the Lord
atonement, sacrifice, consuming fire, blood of Jesus, living sacrifice, covenant of grace, cleansing justification, love, life, redemption, person of Jesus, the Cross, power in the Cross, sacrificial love, war, courage, raging passion
new wine, the cup of the new covenant, covenant of grace, blessings, rejoicing, blood of Jesus, cleansing justification, Christ's love, bride of Christ, surrender, the fellowship of Christ's suffering
❃ Oranges
going deep with God, deep passion, deep abiding joy, deep things of God, deep things of the heart, penitent heart, contrite heart, tender heart, gentle, soft
Holy Spirit fire, fire of testing, tried by fire, fierce passion, flaming throne of God, vulnerability
praise, Lion of Judah, joy, passion, fiery passion, power, warfare, fire, courage, strength, harvest season, fruitfulness, strength, fruitfulness, harvest season, fruitfulness, fullness, ripe, intrinsic passion
❃ Yellows/Golds
blessing, deity, wealth, kingliness, refining fire, the Godhead, glory, honor, purification, divinity, majesty, righteousness, divine light, blessings of God, honor, mercy, authority, discernment, beauty for ashes, radiant glory, throne room of Heaven, oil of anointing, fresh anointing, light of His glory, Spirit of Understanding
blessing, more blessing than you can contain, wealth, refining fire, refined in the fire, glory, purification, righteousness, divine light, beauty for ashes, keys, the spark of first love, throne room of Heaven, authority, honor, mercy, glory and power of God, lampstand of God
counsel of God, light, joy, joyful praise, divine light, awaken, gentle touch, kiss of the dawn, warmth, glory revealed, praise, courtship with God, pursuit with intention, faithful Companion, hope, anointing oil, counsel of God, casting out darkness, celebration, strength (capacity) for life, divine awakening, Spirit of understanding, discernment
❃ Greens
fresh oil, peace, grafted in, fresh oil, freshness, prosperity, restoration, healing, oil of anointing
life, flourishing, new life, new beginning, freshness, praise, hope, restoration, happiness, encouragement, serenity, hope, freshness, prosperity, restoration, healing, God's holy seed
flourishing, new life, , fresh hope, peace, freshness, new beginning, vigor, praise, hope, eternal life, health, healing, God's holy seed, harvest, sowing and reaping, prosperity, restoration, birth, life, fruitful faith, crown of heaven, fullness of joy, praise, hope, flourishing life, standing in awe of the Creator
healing, increase, abundance, fertile / fertile ground, lush growth, reward, intercession, realized (concrete existence of) promises, obedience, precious / priceless, enthroned One, presence of the Throne Room, foundational, favored, Spirit of Counsel
fresh flow, new life, freshness, new beginning, rivers of Living Water, freshness, vigor, praise, flourishing, mercy, river of life flowing from His throne, mercy (His mercies are new every morning), restoration, compassion, grace, bathing in the warmth of His Love, increased flow
❃ Blues
warfare, river of God, river of life, sanctification, healing, life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit, the New Jerusalem, Jealous God, willingness to fight for you, mikvah (washed and made clean), rain, water-like flow of the Spirit, life-giving flow of the Holy Spirit, sanctification, river of life, flourishing, watered, watered in the water of the Word, still waters (place of peace), raging waters cannot quench His Love
fullness of His Word, the water of His Word, fullness of His flow, creation, immersed in the word of God
truth (Spirit & Truth), righteousness, prophetic, revelation knowledge, priesthood, overcomer, the Word of God, Messiah, shalom (the peace that surpasses all expectations), tehowm (the deep - Psalm 42:7), Presence of God, intense fire, intensity, explosion, prophetic revelation, manifestation of prophetic, declaration, two-edged sword, release, intense feeling,
tehowm, the Father, prophetic, revelation, authority, heavenly, revelation knowledge, deep mysteries, presence of God, strength, YHVH Sabaoth (LORD of Hosts), revelation in God's presence, prophetic depths with the Father, Spirit of Might, Holy Spirit, grace, seated with the Lord in heavenly places, overcomer, the word of God, washing, righteousness of God, steadfast
removal of hindrances , cleansing, firm foundation, steadfast, removal of hindrances, cleansing, continual sweet aroma from a heart filled with gratitude and praise, tehowm, cleansing, the deep mysteries of God, washed in His promises, darkness making way for the light
open heaven, divinity, seated with the Lord in heavenly places, revelation knowledge, saturated, wind of heaven, wind of the Spirit, flowing prophetic revelation, spiritual realm, bride, grace
move of the Spirit, enclosed in His arms, power of His Word
❃ Purples
royalty, kingship, kingliness, majesty, the Father / Abba, the Name of God, dominion, kingdom authority / divine authority, child of God, reigning in majesty, victorious warrior, wealth, abundance, inheritance, double portion, fruit of the vine, abiding, sovereign power, intercession, songs of deliverance, mediator, penitence, sonship, the promises of God
richness, abundance of fruit, infilling of the Holy Spirit, inheritance, intimacy, intimacy as a child of God, royalty, promises of God, justice, rest, refined prophetic inheritance, faithful and true, mind of Christ, Spirit of the Fear of the Lord
gentleness, selah (Hebrew word indicating a pause, like in a musical piece), intimacy, transparency, incense, sweet fragrance, peace, shalom (the peace that surpasses all expectations), rest, intercession, the beauty of being known, sitting at His feet, new creation of intimacy, seeds of intimacy
the promises of God, abundance, ripe fruit, deep place of the heart, child of the Almighty, divine provision, compassion, passion for Jesus, the Bridegroom's heart, fellowship, merry heart, passion, blazing passion, joy, right relationships, redemption, majesty, taste and see
tender loving care, the Father's heavenly care over the lilies of the field / His children, Jesus loves me, compassion, precious, kindness, new life, promise, sweet fragrance
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