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For one asssignment in my Figure Drawing class, we had to draw every angle of our puddy face model and use our paints to add color and shading. I chose the smallest paintbrush Guy owned. When he came by, he paused,
"You need a smaller brush."
"This is your smallest one."
"You did that with that??"
I nodded, laughing like 'I warned you'.
"Use your pencils," he laughed back.


Baby Dan!

We had to draw a self-portrait using a 1" x 2" mirror and put it all together into a final piece.

Skeletal Hand

Some of these are sketches from the same class - we had to study and draw the skeletal and muscular structures of the body in order to draw figures with accurate curves and proportions.

Skeletal Foot

Muscular Foot

Pointing Finger

We had to draw a composition of bone, muscle, and skin.

Still Life

South view at my prayer spot

'The Barn'
North view

Holy Spirit covering :')
North view


The Two Sides of the Cross
Jesus died and descended into hell bc He took our sins upon Him.
His eternal blood paid the price our sins required, but that was not the end.
He left our sins in the grave and rose again, the firstborn of the dead, so that by His blood we can be not only cleansed,
but also be made new and set free to walk out our destinies in Him!