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Entrance to one of Iris Ministry's sites in Pemba

The Compound-200 children, 150 Holy Given students,
and 200 pastors for training.

The Administration Offices

Mama Aida's(Heidi) Office

The Prayer Hut! a gift from Bethel.

Looking out from the Prayer Hut to the left

then ahead to the Tent and across the road where the

women sold what they made..I bought my African
wrap skirt there.

At the end of the path from the Prayer hut, looking to
the right towards our dorms.

The path to the right again towards the elementary school.

Coming from the school, you see the back of the admin offices

and our dorms.

Where the horses were kept with our dorm behind them and
the elementary school up behind that.

Looking at the horses from our dorm area and the
cafeteria behind them.

These horses were trained by Mozambique's top horse

Going to the cafeteria.

Inside the cafeteria.

The water tower

Our dorm lounge hut

The horses' corral and the Tent

Foundation for the new church building.

Pemba Beach from inside the Compound

Pemba Beach

Pemba Beach from the Bungalos

Off to our first outreach in the bush.

More of Cabo Delgado's beauty

as we passed village after village

after village.

Our first stop was at an Iris village along the way

to bring supplies, meet the pastor,

and the other smiling faces.

We continued on and spotted another Iris village with
the Iris plaque in plain view on their church building,
which was close to the road, so we stopped. As we all

pulled up to a stop and began to hop out of our line of
vehicles, another caravan came towards us from the

opposite direction. It was non other than Heidi, herself,
Pastor Che and their team on their way back

from their outreach to a village another region in the
bush bush! God is full of surprises and likes to make us laugh!

Our first outreach village w/ its goats milling around,

while everyone else was welcoming us before we even turned off the road.

They all crowded around and watched while we
unloaded our gear and put up our tent village.

Excited children,

village greeting us,

curious older boys,

and they all loved having their pictures taken!

More smiles!

Helen w/ a villager.

Boys posing.

Precious Eva!

Our tent village!

And wild pigs just outside..

Jenna playing a rhythm copying game,

and the children having fun.

and more fun..

Then out to the field where the Jesus film will be set up.

The children are excited,and everyone watches

while several of us walked the parimeter of the gathering praying.

Eva dancing and loving on a villager!

Early wake-up call..

we all gathered for prayer, worship and breakfast.

Kaye w/ a treasure :')

Let the games begin!

Sean captivated them all w/ the games he planned,

esp. the water balloons!

The Medical Team had a long line of weary villagers

needing medical attention up to our last day there.

Sun setting on Pemba Beach.

Worship in the Tent!


and singing!

and having way too much fun!

Then out to the beach for some baptisms

on Pemba's beautiful white beaches.

The neighboring village children came along.

Then Suzette found me..and my camera!

She said she'd take pictures for me,

and I sensed she needed to be trusted..

But w/ my camera, Lord? Will I ever see it again?

Of course I will! And I get to see thru the eyes of a

12 yr old young girl! :'}


Baptisms in the Indian Ocean! where Holy spirit does the dunking :')

Pastor Ray from Minnesota

Park Mark, HIM pastor

Pastor Ray baptizing a Mozambican

then one of the Korean pastors from our team.



Endless water..

Like the Lord's endless ocean of Love for us..

One of the classrooms for the pastors-in-training.

Heidi teaching these pastors in the Prayer Hut.

Suzette, what a fun girl!

Getting ready for the July birthdays party.

Children settled and waiting.

A present for every child w/ a birthday in July,

and there's a party!

Manuel adopted Sean..and became his side-kick!

He liked my hat

and the pump, definitely all boy!

To dinner at the Dolphin on our last night in Pemba.

Sat w/ Calista, across from Pastor Che at dinner, and he gave
me a word that I'm on the right track and that the Lord WILL
restore our families, finances... and that I will have
breakthru and victory!

A hug from Mama Heidi on her birthday a year or two later.

Rolland flying over the Compound, showing the new church
building w/ it's green roof.

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