Pathways to Freedom!
an inside perspective on supportive care

This page comes from dreams I've had in my heart for almost 20 years on supporting adults with disabilities. Over the years, I have researched healthy foods and eventually wrote the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum, along with the textbook for the class I taught for Compass clients. Delicious Foods for Healthy Lifestyles is a simple but indepth reference book and can be found on In the meantime, I've also combined studies from my MA in Special Education along with additional research and personal experience to piece together a picture of how using routines and emotional intelligence in caring and connecting with people with disabilities can be empowering and make them feel alive inside.

I've orgainized and simplified my findings into sections specific to the use of emotional intelligence abilities, empowering connections and established routines in client care. This first section, however, is a collection of personal examples of how the following topics have been helpful to me. I've found that the ability people have in accurately reading my face, eyes and body language directly determines the amount of freedom and involvement I have within their circles. Those who "read" me well can also see where my skills can be best used, hence the importance of emotional intelligence abilities, empowering connections and helpful routines to client welfare and success.

Here is a funny story of being read well and "for instances" that I hope are helpful :)

Empowering care that brings freedom!

Using emotional intelligence to honor, care and empower...

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